Vacation Mountain Cabins and Cottages

Mountain cabins and cottages as vacation homes are becoming more popular today as couples or families look for unique vacation experiences, more privacy, and a relaxing environment that still gives the feeling of being at home away from home.

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The modern life and everyday stress in the city sometimes encourages us to look back to our descendants who lived a simple life in cabins and cottages without suffering from asthma and allergies. While you think that mountain cabins and cottages are considered rustic and outdated in today’s time, a rise in popularity of these kinds of homes has moved from the sidelines to center stage.

Whether you wish to purchase a ready-made and fully furnished mountain cabin and cottage or build one from scratch, without a doubt, you will surely reap the benefits from owning and living in this kind of house. Once you know the benefits, you’ll be able to come up with a reasonable decision about having one as your residence.

The added privacy is obvious, but it’s also a lot easier to feel being part of the nature you are in when you are in the mountain cabin or cottage than when you are in some anonymous hotel room. When you are in this type of area, your environment could include biking trails, mountain top vistas, serene falls or the astounding fall foliage, this connection to your surroundings really adds to the excitement being in this type of home. Imagine you are in a characterless hotel somewhere and the weather forecast says there’ll be heavy pouring rain. This may make you feel trapped or depressed, but if you are in a cabin, you will feel like you have a great excuse to stay under the blankets with your romantic partner or your bubbly kiddos!

Several Factors to consider in owning cabins and cottages

Fitting for your lifestyle.

Before you begin the process of designing or your own vacation home, take note of what your present and future needs will be. Get a notebook where you will list down lifestyle factors and requirements you can review before you sketch out a plan. Families with young children will have different needs than a romantic couple who is still building their own. A second home or a vacation residence has other necessities.

Familiarize yourself with the land.

Take time to familiarize and know well the property to determine if there are any topological features of the landscape which may affect the foundation of a house and the way of living in it. Take note also of the position of the house to maximize views, solar exposure and other natural features on the land. Local knowledge about building regulations, setbacks, zoning and other factors which can affect the size and location of your cabin or cottage home is also important to know.


How close is the property to the nearest town or airport? How close are the nearest restaurants, shops, and grocery stores? What are the property grounds like? Those are just some of the questions you need to know the answer to when living in a mountain cabin or cottage.

Environmental approach.

Since you will be planning to be part of nature itself, make use of environment friendly materials to incorporate with your home. The cost of energy should be a big consideration in a home, yet many people don’t realize how cost efficient it is to add environmentally friendly features to your home. The use of natural and sustainable cedar with zero waste manufacturing process utilizes every bit of a cedar log is a big factor. It can make your home greener without costing more.

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Take time for decisions.

Do not be taken over by other people’s advice and opinions, be firm on what you and your family needs. Make sure that you take every factor and detail into consideration because having a mountain cabin or cottage and make it into a marvelous home or vacation residence is not an easy matter. Discuss and review your lifestyle notebook and talk it out with you partner or family.

Having a mountain cabin and cottage is a trend today, with the touch of modernization they are built with a purpose for vacation and relaxation in mind. Its features also improved for more convenience not only for couples but also for the entire family; the ambience, interiors, the shower, the hot tub, the bed, furniture, the glass window you can only see from a prone position, the music, the lighting, the living room and the gas fireplace which is easy to operate from bed with a remote control. Furthermore, it can be a fun vacation and unwinding residential house. These mountain cabins and cottages are made beautifully and marvelously, and in such a wonderful pastoral setting on the edge of the woods with a scenic view of the green mountains. A mountain cabin or cottage home provides everything a nature-loving couple or family could desire.

Advantages of mountain cabin and cottage homes


Mountain cabins and cottages made of cedar and wood have evolved to become large and luxurious. Although it cost more to build than standard stick-framed houses, they have higher value that makes them worth the additional cost. So set aside any preconceived notion you may have of these kinds of cabins and cottages being rustic and primitive.

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Energy Efficient

Cedar and wood cabins and cottages perform more effective and efficient than standard homes for both heating and cooling. They do not require the same degree of heating like that of vinyl and cement to make the interior area comfortable.


Cedar and wood cabins and cottages can provide financial security when used as both a home and a good investment. There is a higher demand for log cabins in today’s era used for vacation and honeymoon purposes. Not only will you own something that will appreciate in value, but you will also benefit from the use and enjoyment you can get from owning these type of home.


Because of the decreased humidity in log cabins and cottages, the interior air quality usually stays healthier and more comfortable. The lower humidity levels also translate into less mold and mildew problems in which people who suffer environmental health issues due to allergies or sensitivities often find living in a log cabin and cottages to be beneficial.

Environmental Benefits

The materials used to build log cabins and cottages are ecological and environmental friendly and the building process requires less energy than standard house building.

Many people have become captivated in having their own mountain cabin and cottage homes, either for vacation purposes or settling on it as their main home. With its charming appeal, living in a log cottage and cabin gives you that cozy feeling. Cottages can be built on mountains, nestled near a stream or situated right in the middle of the woods. Cottage and cabins have effective design with inviting amenities that give you a warm feeling in every corner. Front porches, winding staircases and doghouse windows give cottages added appeal not mentioning giving it the modern touch but built ecologically. Comfort and practicality are the keywords in cabin and cottage homes.